For more information about Troop 1, please contact our Recruitment Chair, Chris Brocchini, at (916) 826-7730. He has information about the troop, about joining, and the forms to join. Also download and print out the Troop 1 2014 brochure for more information.

Interested boys are invited to attend a Troop meeting, Mondays, 7:00 pm to (approximately) 8:30 pm at the First United Methodist Church at 21st and J Streets. Enter through the door on J Street; to get in, please knock. Contact Chris Brocchini to make sure there is a meeting on the Monday you are interested in coming.

In order for a scout/family to joing the Troop, the interested scout must attend three Troop meetings; parents must attend one Parent Committee meeting held at 7pm (during the Troop meeting) on the first Monday of each month (September through June).

In order to attend our awesome summer camp, Camp Cody, the scout must join and be inducted before the beginning of May.

Check out the links to photo galleries under the Events navigation, to see photos of Camp Cody plus many of the outings that the Troop has been on in recent years.