Join Scouting

What are the procedures to join Troop 1?

Joining the Boy Scouts and particularly Troop 1, should be a family decision. Both Scout and parent(s) should make a long-range commitment to ensure a positive and successful Scouting experience.

Troop 1 has the following requirements in order to join:

1. It is NOT necessary to have been a Cub Scout.

2. Your son must be a minimum of eleven years of age, or 10 ½ and have completed the 5th grade; or have completed the Arrow of Light and may not be over the age of eighteen.

3. Your son must attend a minimum of three Scout meetings prior to joining. Be sure the Recruitment Chair records your son’s attendance at these meetings.

4. A parent or guardian must attend a minimum of one Parent Meeting, held the first Monday of each month at 7pm. Be sure the Recruitment Chair records you attendance at this meeting.

The ceremony that formally brings your son into the Troop is called the “Investiture”. This is the ceremony at which new boys are made members of the Troop and is held at a regular Troop meeting. Parents should plan to attend this meeting and the mother is presented with a ribbon and pin to wear. Your son will add a pin to this ribbon each time he advances in rank, so the ribbon should be worn at each Court of Honor, as well. The registration Chair will give you the appropriate forms and accept your membership fees for Troop 1.

To remain active, you son must meet the following requirement:

1. At least one parent must attend a minimum of one out of every three Parent Meetings.

2. One parent from each family is required to volunteer for Troop 1 activities. Our Volunteer
Coordinator can provide you with a list of opportunities.

3. “Participation Standards” should be listed here…..we are locating the document.