Camp Cody is a backwoods camp located off Highway 50 at the 42-mile picnic ground. This camp, nestled in the beautiful Sierras, is operated wholly by Troop 1. The camp was founded in 1937 and offers scouts a real outdoor experience complete with lake, meadows, and mountains. Located at 7,200 feet on property leased from the El Dorado National Forest, Camp Cody is said to be “the Best Backwoods Camp in the Sierra”.
Camp Cody is led by an older Scout called the “Junior Camp Director” along with a team of approximately a dozen older Scouts called “Junior Officers”; together they delivers a program that is truly a “boy-run-camp”. The volunteer adult staff ensures health and safety standards, but the daily routine is the Junior Officers’ responsibility.
Please join us in 2013 for the 76th Anniversary of Camp Cody, the oldest camp in the Golden Empire Council.

If this is your first time to Camp Cody, then be sure to read and follow the information contained in the Cody Brochure

Find important Cody deadlines here.

Remember to download and complete the appropriate application and medical form:

2013 Scout Application

BSA Medical - new for 2014

2013 Adult Application



Archery Environmental Science Lifesaving Shotgun Shooting
Astronomy First Aid Nature Small Boat Sailing
[BSA Lifeguard*] Fish & Wildlife Management Orienteering Soil & Water Conservation
Camping Fishing Photography Swimming
Canoeing Forestry Pioneering Theater
Climbing Geology Rifle Shooting Wilderness Survival
Cooking Leatherwork Rowing Wood Carving


Complete list of JCD's (Junior Camp Director), incl. 2013

2013 Staff Manual


Camp Cody Staff Policies for 2012:

Animal Plan 2012

Bloodborne Pathogens 2012

Camp Cody Fire Plan 2012

Conservation Plan 2012

Maintenance Plan 2012

Missing Person 2012

No-Show Policy 2012

Release Policy 2012

Visitor Intruder Policy 2012


*For those intending to earn BSA Lifeguard, contact Mr. Leonard to review qualifications and pre-work. You will need to purchase the Red Cross Lifeguard Manual and read Chapters 1-6 and Chapter 11 prior to camp.

Note: You must bring a hard copy of this publication to camp.

To obtain this 300+ page publication, there are a few options:

• Purchase this publication from the Red Cross
• Download it and print from the following website: (This is a Flash-driven link to a 137mb pdf.)
• Download it from this link (a 44mb pdf) LG_PM-1.pdf
• Download the pdf directly from the American Red Cross website. (Type American Red Cross Lifeguarding Manual into your search; the link is too long to fit here)